Monday, May 8, 2023

Renault 5 EV ..."concept".

"Concepts" are probably the most blindly disappointing bait-&-switch practice maintained by the world's auto-manufactures. Blindly, because most people have no idea what's going on and pay little attention to them. Concepts are usually the coolest most svelte designs ever, straight from the pencils of the designer, unadulterated by weak committees, board-room ignorant investors, short-sighted engineers, and poo-slinging, destructive marketing apes.

Having said that, this 2021 Renault 5 EV concept is incredibly awesome looking. If it actually ends up in production, looking like the concept, it will be overwhelming successful, or at least, a beautiful welcome to the current bland eye-sores everywhere on the streets. However, if Renault brings this beautiful concept to the U.S., with the meager and pitiful 134 HP (100 kW) electric motor. with 248 mile range, I'm gonna guess it will fail. Most electric cars are coming out with offerings around 200 HP, so that's the expectation. Coming out with something that just barely meets what everyone is used to in an ICE car, is going to be a let-down. Further, if Renault offers some sort of performance package, with a slightly more powerful electric motor (a 160 kW Alpine variant) and its not really powerful (à-la the modern Fiat 500 Abarth edition, which was/is an unfortunately anemic, lackluster, pile-of-garbage), then Heaven help them.

In any regard, this thing is beautifully awesome!!! Here's to the Renault 5 EV, designed by Gilles Vidal!!!

Friday, February 3, 2023


I've always been intrigued with the 1975 Ford Gran Torino used in the TV series, Stasky & Hutch, "Zebra 3" (fan-based nick name for Starky's car). The Ford Torino is a plain awkward looking land-yacht, nothing to really get your undivided attention or desire, so it's amazing that such an ugly car could be transformed into something so cool with a simple stripe.

Visiting my grandparents in Denver CO in the '70s, I started seeing several 1974-1976 Gran Torinos with all sorts of graphics, decals and stripped paint jobs. Even the police department there had many Gran Torinos with various interesting graphics on them.

Graphics and stripes overcame the ungainly hideous shape and contours of the Torino. There are many other examples of this, but the "Zebra-3", is one of the best.