Sunday, November 3, 2013

A quest for beauty in visual and physical designs.

Behold and beware, ugliness not only doesn't sell (Raymond Loewy), it kills, just not as quickly as poor engineering, bad science or corrupt leaders. It is the result of either a careless, lazy, untrained and unskilled people or irresponsible, reckless and malicious people more concerned with Salesmanship-and-Marketing than Responsibility and Stewardship. People either don't know or they are destructive in their creations which lack beauty.

"Nothing is too beautiful" (Ettore Bugatti) reveals a truth that beauty can be measured, quantified and calculated.  It transcends environment, culture, religion, race, gender, personal preference and taste.  It is universal.

That "Form follows function" (Louis Sullivan) leads to beauty in design. "All things that function well are visually harmonious, or if the function is respected, then the harmony of forms will materialize automatically.
"In fact it seems that there cannot be beauty without order. The threshing machine performs in a marvelous fashion, each of its parts designed perfectly, though the whole isn't much to look at. Why? Because a machine gives the impression of being complicated.
"That is, I believe, the true response to the theories of the industrial designer. It seems that, more than the aesthetic Function itself, Simplicity is the deciding factor in the aesthetic equation. Beauty from Function and from Simplification.
"Moreover, in its tribute to beauty, industrial design pays in another way as well. It constitutes a wise investment because it favors what will sell." (Raymond Loewy).

Beauty brings, promises and is a visual and mechanical manifestation of performance, durability, frugality, value, hope, happiness and life.

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